Saturday, 20 August 2011

To the two people reading this...

DISCLAIMER: To the English teachers, and grammar Nazis, if you are reading this, I use a lot of parentheses and commas, and I will get grammar wrong, even though I will be a writer of sorts someday. For everyone else, be warned - I complain a lot and I ramble.

Hi! As you can tell from my blog title...and url....and email...I am Artemis Grey. Obviously, this is not my real name - it is indeed a pen name. This blog is for my real thoughts and other writings of mine, such as poems, short stories, fanfiction, analyses, movie and book reviews, and movie and other news. But mostly, my thoughts. The reason I create this blog is for two reasons - one, I need to establish my pen name, since I will go to college to be a writer of sorts, and two - none of my family (except my sisters, since I trust them) will be reading this, which means, I can say whatever the hell I want. They only know about my established blog on another email address. They don't even know this email address. However, if they do find out about this, I will continue on as if nothing happened. I will tell them about this, if they really want to know, when I jet off to college in less than a year (I will be a senior in high school when school starts in less than two weeks).

I am Artemis Grey (I will not tell you my real name for anonymity purposes). I am an American teenager. I am 17, going on 18 years old (I have a winter birthday). I live in a different country, a wonderful country to be exact, even with all of its flaws. I know I have some sort of mental problem that is going undiagnosed, most likely some sort of schizoid personality disorder and/or ADD or ADHD, or possibly even Aspergers. Either that, or I am some sort of hypochondriac. I have an older sister, a twin sister, a mother, a father, a step-brother, and a step-mother. I am closest to my sisters and my Mom. However, I live with my Dad. All of that shit is complicated. I was born in a tropical place, but I moved to another country when I was just a few months old. I have lived in 8 different abodes, had gone to four different elementary schools (pre-school does not count), one middle school, and two different high schools. You can basically read more about me in my profile. I originally had written things about my family, but I am comfortable with anonymity, so I will leave it at this. You can draw conclusions from the posts I will post in the future.
What else should I say, like where I have been, what's been going on? Oh, I don't know, I have written too much already.

To all, a good morning!

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