Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Things You Should Know

There are some things you should know before calling me a hypocrite -

I have a complicated relationship with my step-mother, as evident by the posts below. Sometimes it can be good, sometimes bad, and, rarely, just plain miserable. But that doesn't mean I hate her. Hate is such a strong word.

I have mood swings and I sway off topic very easily. I can never focus on one topic in one post - I have too much to say, too many thoughts wanting to spill out of my head.


I tend to censor myself, especially when talking ill about a family member behind their back on this blog. It is usually because of guilt.

No doubt, I will think of something else after I publish my blog post, but right now my empty stomach is saying I should stop writing right now.

So, to all, I wish a good supper!

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