Saturday, 20 August 2011

I did not lose my cool.

How amazing is that? I never keep my cool! I was about to explode in anger, but I thought of what I could do to actually get what I want. Even as my unnamed step-mother kept on saying I had a "little head", I held it in. Even as she twisted my words and made the subject about my mother and how I could've stayed with her, but "she didn't want me", as she so erraneously claims, I only glared. Even as she basically said that Dad was gone, so I had to abide by her rules and take her shit, I held my head high. Because, I am tired of being the same teenager as I was before the summer's beginning, so there are gonna be some changes around here. I confronted her with poise when she called me down. She says I can talk to her. Oh, I could, but it would earn me her yells at me, and her awful lectures. I won't listen to any more terrible remarks about my Mom and older sister. I won't let her get away with acting like she's in charge and has more authority over Dad. I won't let her lie about how she claims she's the only one I have and the only one who cares about me ("Dad's too busy taking care of all of us" and "your mother abandoned you twice"), which unfortunately hasn't shown through words. Nope. Not any-fucking-more. I am my own person now. I have not been brainwashed by my older sister or Mom, as she claims. I just have been brainwashed into submission during all of the years I've lived with her. So, right now, I feel strong. That is the first time I have been in so very long.

To all, a good evening!

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